Our Projects

We've completed a wide range of projects for companies, community organisations and private landowners in the Gisborne/East Coast region.

Follow the links below to read about some of our most recent projects.

Gibbs Family

Karaka Bay

Coastal revegetation on private land and landscaping house gardens

This ongoing project is on a very special piece of coastal land north of Gisborne. We have completed a large landscaping project for the Gibbs family, installing a lush native garden with specimen trees, along with restoration of the dunes on the beach side of the property. We have started the first stage of revegetation of the steep slopes surrounding the house. Once complete the Gibbs family will have restored native bush and dune habitat back to their property and blended the two seamlessly with their stunning house garden.

Treegen have been working on a landscaping project spread over approximately 5 Ha on our rural property, in various phases, for almost 18 months. The project has been quite complex and challenging ranging from re-vegetation of a very steep hillside with native plants, to sand dune restoration and more formal landscaping of the section around the house. We have been very impressed by the professionalism of the Treegen team. The project has benefited from the foresight generated by extensive planning and the experience and knowledge of the team. The projects have been completed on schedule and on budget. Most importantly they have been very diligent in monitoring the project after planting…Because of this, the survival rate of the seedlings has been very high and the plants are thriving in an extreme and exposed coastal environment. Importantly the entire team has been friendly and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with them on future phases of the project.
Mr Gibbs

NZTA and Tairawhiti Roads

Various locations along SH35

Ongoing restoration and revegetation of road works and eroding sites

TreeGen was asked to provide an environmental management proposal for the revegetation of slips and degraded sites along State Highway 35 from Gisborne to Te Araroa. We are now working with NZTA/Tairawhiti Roads and various stakeholders to implement the plan, with over 20,000 natives being planted over five key sites in 2017.

Working with TreeGen has provided us with a certainty around planting and revegetation works that we have not had in the past. The planting that TreeGen have done on numerous sites for us has been robust and resulted in viable plants in all cases. TreeGen have been very open with their methodology and pricing (before, during and after completion) which has made decision making around the extent of plantings and cost structure easy. TreeGen have been very supportive in our development of long term plans and breaking new ground in our business model. We have thrown extremely difficult sites at TreeGen and we have been able to come away from the works very pleased. We look forward to TreeGen’s continued support in our future vision for the network.
Andrew Lawton, NZTA

Riversun Nurseries Ltd


Native landscaping and environmental revegetation plantings

Riversun is a large local business with viticulture and nursery operations. TreeGen has established a number of native revegetation sites for Riversun on various properties that they own. We also provide landscaping services to Riversun and in 2017 we completed the installation of a beautiful native garden to welcome staff and visitors to the head office site.

Riversun has employed the extensive talents of the TreeGen team on many occasions and whether it be managing our ongoing riparian planting program, which now encompases more than 20,000 plants, or designing and then project managing the landscaping of gardens for our offices in Awapuni Rd, or installing new lime chip drainage floors in our 4000sqm glasshouse, Shelly, Murray, Terry, and the TreeGen team have excelled on each and every project. They have a collaborative approach to design, and a transparent approach to the quotation process. The projects are managed effectively and efficiently to ensure they are delivered on time, on budget, and with absolute attention to detail. Given the team at TreeGen work in a visual world the quality of their work is on display for all to see and any planting or landscaping projects they have undertaken for us can only be described as visually stunning! They are, and will continue to be, our go to company and I highly recommend them to anyone that may be looking at undertaking a project that would utilise their particular skill set.
Leo Kelso, Chief Executive